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We have had a parent pull their child out suddenly and have now told us that they think (not certain) that a member of staff did something a bit inappropriate (not a CP issue). Mostly there seems to have been a bit of a fall out with another parent and we have become drawn into it by them not by what we actually did.

There is no formal complaint and no staff know what happened. The one mentioned by parents has not been named so I had to question all of them.

So what do I do now? I think I should make a report of it as an incident and I have offered to sit down and discuss it with the parents to try to find a solution but they are not interested.

We are all pretty shaken by the whole thing really.

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I think you're right in that you should record everything that has happened and has been said: if nothing else, if it does result in a complaint further down the line you'll be able to show you responded properly. If you make your offer of sitting down with the family to iron out any issues in writing, you'll also be able to demonstrate that you've tried to resolve their problem with them.


You say that a member of staff might have done something 'a bit inappropriate' and even if this wasn't a CP issue then perhaps there is a training need here? Being able to tackle this head on will also demonstrate to Ofsted (if the parents end up going down that route) that you've taken the whole issue seriously.


Ultimately, if the parent won't tell you the reason why they've taken their child out and have not made any kind of formal complaint then I don't see what more you can do, really. Except make sure you charge them in lieu of notice, in line with your policy. Actually, this course of action may well prompt them to tell you the real reason behind their decision!


Good luck with it all!

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Good advice (as usual) from hapymaz.

It could be something as simple as - parents were reallyngood friends with other parents - staff member has said something about the two children to other parent...... First parent not happy due to the fact they"ve had a major falling out with parent! We have had this senario, and it was a nightmare being caught in the middle, and in all honesty easIer for you if one leaves anyway- as the children will still want to play together!


If its something like that then follow happymaz's advice followed up with confidentiality training. If it turns out the be a Facebook etc issue - update your social media policy.

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You also need to within your confidentiality policy make sure parents understand that if they talk to other parents then the breach of confidence may not have come from a staff member.


Just recently a member of my team was approached by 'a friend' of hers, out of hours, who asked about an incident that only the parent and I would have known about. We recorded this; date, time, place and added to our 'paper trail'.

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