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Help! 0-11 numbers - help me create some guidance


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Hi need your pearls of wisdom for Development Matters, Mathematics, Numbers 0-11:


• Notices changes in number of objects/images or sounds in group of up to 3. (who on earth came up with this!)


What types of thing do you use for evidence of this??


Typically the guidance in the document relates more to the 8-20 so we're trying to write our own...but have hit a wall!!


It can't be that difficult as it's 0-11 or can it?

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Yes this is an odd one isn't it, I believe this statement comes from quite a bit of research that shows that even very young babies can recognize the difference between 1, 2, or 3 images or objects (google numerosity in babies if you want to read some of them).

However, much of this research has been carried out in controlled trials, and is based on how long babies look at certain images and how quickly they get 'bored' with seeing the same quantity of objects or images. Not something that is repeatable (or even desirable) in a nursery setting! I dont personally think its something you would naturally observe in a baby room, although I'd be very happy for anyone to explain how they have observed this with their babies.

I don't see any harm in following some of the guidance over what you can provide though, like different numbers of objects in a treasure basket; singing rhymes etc.


To be honest, on this one Id be really thinking far more about the prime areas for a baby at this age.

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thanks guys! You're stars!


We do focus on the primes but also want to provide foundations in the others hence looking at it (and puzzling) and figured if they'd put something 'in' then it must be worth working on (otherwise they would have left it blank like the others)


We were working on having several duplicates in treasure baskets and if they pull them out, seeing if they notice when one was 'stolen' also looking at quantity in general like when they realise their bottle or bowl is empty and look for more (or cry...but that's not our goal teehee!) if they look for their other sock or glove when getting dressed etc


We are always singing and saying 1,2,3 go etc so we'll maybe stick at this and the above...I'll google numerosity when I am bored or i'll get distracted and go off on a tangent!


Thanks again...much appreciated :wub:

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