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Evening All,


Looking for somewhere to vent so would appreciate any support/advice anyone may have.


I have been off work for a few days and have been made aware that a parent has made a complaint about a member of staff whilst I was off. Although this is not a major CP issue, I feel that the LADO needs to be involved, mainly for reassurance and advice on my part. However, I am quite aware that there is a timescale of 1 day to contact and report incidents to the LADO and this time frame has now passed.


Does anyone know if we are able to contact the LADO out of hours via our LA Safeguarding board? I am so worried that we haven't reported it in the given time frame but felt if I could contact the LADO and be open and honest that may help.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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just wanted to wish you well....must be a horrible position for you..hope the LADO is suppportive.

Just as an aside our policy also says that we shold contact Ofsted in situations like this..........but hopefully the Lado will guide you through how to handle the whole situation.

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