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Stressed. Please help!


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Hi All,


I needed some help & advice.


I have got about 2 years of teaching experience.


I have recently started working in a new school. It’s been 2 months in this new school. It is a temporary contract.

The team leader & coordinator are always after me. They come in my class about 5 times a day. See what I am doing. Talk to the other adults & children.


I have been observed twice since I joined. The first observation was between needs improvement & good. The second observation was inadequate. They always give negative feedback. I have got another observation in a week time. I am very stressed about it as if they again give me inadequate then will that mean that I will not be able to teach anywhere. Also these observations that they are doing do they send a report to the council & say that I can’t teach or I am not fit to be a teacher.


I am also planning to resign as I am scared that they will spoil my reference. Most schools ask for a reference from your present employer. How long I should have been working here for a reference.


Do you think resigning is a good idea?


I am stressed. Please help!


Thank you!



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I think you need to speak to your union. My union rep at school informs us that we can only be observed 3 times a year and that all we have. On their feedback are they giving u advice on areas for improvement? Also does the head know about this?

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Guest lillybeth

I am sorry that you are feeling so stressed. I am not a teacher but manage a nursery within a school, the nursery is run by the school. I feel that you are not being treated fairly, infact it sounds as if you are being harassed which is totally out of order. The more they come into your class the more anxious you will become so its no wonder your last assessment was not as good. I agree that you should speak to your union, you also need to record what is happening to you. I don't think you should resign do you think you could speak to the head? I hope you can sort this problem soon. xx

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This sounds quite complex - how long is your contract for?

To reassure you Internal observations are not routinely shared with the LA.

However, If the leadership have issues with the quality of teaching they could start capability processes. This would not stop you teaching again but would obviously be on your record if that was the case.


Have they given you specific written feedback with targets for improvement? Do you know what the focus of the next observation is?


I do think you need to talk to your union to get more specific advice on this.


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Thank you everyone for all your help & advices.

My contract is from January 2013 to July 2013. Also my contracted hours are 25 hours per week. But I work on most days from 8am to 5pm. So does that mean even permanent contract are of 25 hours per week?

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Well I'm surprised to be honest that you have contractual hours as under teachers pay and conditions set hours are linked to the 195 days, directed time and any other hours required to do the job! Are you part time?

Also are you employed through a supply agency? If you are you could just leave?

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Guest tinkerbell

Hi Globalteacher.

Don't leave, ask to have a meeting with your line manager..is it the team leader? Even if someone is working a six month contract as you appear to be doing ,you should be asked how you are settling in etc...this is common courtesy surely.You were appointed for the job so the school must think you can do it...chin up


Have your observation feedback and a list of questions and ask for support ,ask them how they would have done the things they criticised.Ask if there was something they liked? You have been there 2 months ,bearing in mind you have had to get to know a new class of children.!!! How is your relationship with the TA? why did the last teacher leave at Christmas?


You have been teaching for 2 years so must be used to observations as it's common now ,don't be intimidated go and seek them.


good luck

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SO sorry you have been made to feel like this. I agree with the above- ask for a chat to go over your previous observations as you really want to improve on previous performance.

That way you will know exactly what it is you need to do - your targets should be on your feedback form. Also look at the Ofsted criteria for observations- this will help you focus on what it is you need to do to be either good or outstanding.


Some tips to make a successful lesson


Clear learning objectives shared with the children - linking back to these through out the lesson

Success Criteria - share this so that children have clear expectations

Stimulating and fun activities

Good use of open ended questions to challenge thinking and deepen learning

Link back to previous learning and make sure that in your rounding up you show next steps


I am sure others will add to this, but if you haven't done so it may help to look at what makes an outstanding lesson from the criteria - in fact whoever, is observing or your line manager should be sharing these as a matter of course.

The other thing to request is to ask to observe another member of staff who has been judged as outstanding as this often helps.


I hope you manage to get it sorted - deep breath - go and be honest - ask for support - the school really should be doing all it can to support you if they are grading you in this way.

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Speak to your union - they are amazing in times of stress

Your school has a requirement to protect you from stress - tell them you are stressed - of they don't act upon it they are at fault!

We have all had observations that are less that what we want.... you are not alone

Yes you should be in some sort of induction process - someone should be your mentor

Ask to see your observers classes - they must be getting it 'right' to be judging you?

You should be given notice of observations if there is to be written feedback - have they given you written feedback or has it been verbal

can you give us some ideas of what they are saying needs to improve - what areas?


exhausting, and quite often a thankless task teaching..... but it can be sooo good..... sorry this is a bad experience for you .

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