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Hi, im on my second year of doing the foundation degree.I have found it quite a stuggle coping with a full time job,family and collge in the evenings.Iwonder if you good friends can help me.I am about to embark on doing my research project over the year,but i am having somuch trouble deciding what to do.There is so much out there ,but i need to get the reserch project that i will enjoy doing for a whole year.Also i am not so sure what sort of titles are they after. I thought about 'story sacks and how they are used in the nursery-but there is so much wriitten on them already,i won't be able to offer anything new.

Please could someone help me as i am feeling so despondant with the whole thing--and so tired already!!!

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H Louise. Frist things first, dont feel too despondant over what lies ahead, you have obvioulsy come through the first year of doing the F degree, and you survived, I bet there were times when you didnt think you would.


Juggling a full time job family and study is tough work and I take my hat off to anyone who does it. Taking a look at your time managmenet might help you in the long run, and make sure you enlist the help of the family wherever you can to do the housework, cook, make endless cups of tea/cofee or you and give you a hug when you need one.


In terms of your project, could you make a shortlist of the thngs that interests you and seek advice (or come back here) as to what is manageable to tackle. You need to be inspired by what you choose to do as it needs to keep you motivated right to the end. There may well be some aspects of story sacks that you could d your project on, perhaps some action research on their use in your own school or setting? Or staff opinions of them in KS1 (I say this as my lit coordinator last year said..cant see the point, the chidlren dont LIKE them........). Or what training might be helpful for satff new to using story sacks? (we tend to assume that everyone knows what to do with a story sack...).


Perhaps there are other memebers who have done the reearach aspect of the Fdegree who can offer more insight..

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I agree with Mundia, that it may be a good idea to 'brainstorm' your interests & go from there. Like Mundia said, you don't necessarily have to reinvent the wheel with 'storysacks'; do some research of your own, work with groups of children with them & write up how they responded etc. Maybe, since so much has already been written, focus on one aspect already publicised & base your research around that, maybe supporting what was written OR, heaven forbid, even disagreeing.


Decide where your interests lie, & also play to your own strengths; a project on SEN may not be the best idea if you have no real interest or experience in it (for example).

We're always here to give our two penneth though, so we'll look forward to hearing from you soon!!


Good luck with whatever you decide!

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Hello everyone,

Yet again you have been invaluable.I can't thank you enough.I will let you know what i have decided to do in the next few days.

And Hali,don't let me put you off- i have learnt so much,i feel a more rounded person.And i have met friends that you know will be lifelong friends as we have been through so much together.

Im just so scared that i have come this far that i don't want tp blow it.it means so much to me.

thanks again xx

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You have answered your own question - you have come this far and you know in your heart of hearts that all things being equal you will get there.

So go for it..


I recently reviewed a book written by Guy Robert Holmes - Doing your Early Years research porject where he suggests:


1.What am i really interested in doing? Why?

2. Where am I coming from and what are my reasons for choosing this research project?

3. What do I want to change by doing my research project

4. What is the political context of the research?

5. What is are the methodoloies driving my research?


It must be personally meaningful because you will need high levels of motivation


Think stratetegically

What areas of childhood would you like to work in when you complete your course

How can your research further your career?

What work opportunities might arise as a conseuqnece of your research?

Talk about it with family, friends, tutors etc.


If you are thinking about story sacks, what is it exactly you want to find out more about and what specific areas or learning within "story sacks" are you interested in or want to find out more about. He talks about trying to narrow it down. Don't take on too broader remit as you will find you will ramble and disconnect from the research - (his words not mine)


The book is really very good, help with questionnaires, surveys, interviews and how to begin and write it.


Hope this helps a bit


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:o  xD Dont say this girls... :rolleyes: you are putting me off,  :( already got cold feet... :(  :(  :wacko: induction on Thursday.... xD


Happy to say we've come through that, haven't we Hali?? Reading this thread with obvious interest!



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Hey Nicola,

Thankyou so much for replying.Yep i have bought that book and it is an excellent one.I have decided to look at writing and mark making in the nursery as that is the area i am really interested in.It's really nice that people have shown an interest in my problem.This is a brilliant website.

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