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focused/planned activities


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I wouldn't really see any difference apart from using a different name for what I think is the same thing


I see planning/teaching in these parts:


The continuous provision - this is the stuff that is always there and allows children to select from a continuing and enduring set of resources. I always say that even without adults the child would be able to access all aspects of the curriculum thorugh this. This is in effect a long term plan.

The additional provision - the stuff adults select periodically to add to the continuous provision which is there for a while, but not permanently e.g. chinese new year resources may be available for a term but not always. This is for me part of a medium term plan.

Adult directed/planned/focused activities - those things an adult decides to do as a discreet activity with a particular purpose or target group of children in mind. The adult creates/prompts the activity and selects the time and place it will occur. This is a medium term/short term plan. It may not have a tangible outcome as it may involve being in a particular area for example.

Child initiated activity - this is the one that always causes debate but I think it is the activity which a child starts with their own intended outcome, from any starting point. This is not overtly planned for except though responses to any of the above.


Then amongst all this is the unplanned adult/child sustained shared activity which is about spontaneous co-construction of the activity.



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Thanks for that, well explained, another question please, our observation sheet as planned, spontaneous, focused observation on it, and one has to be ticked according to what has been observed. The question now is focused and planned obs the same.



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Well possibly it is...

Spontaneous is clearly just that.

A planned observation could be more of the narrative type - ie you have planned the time to step back and track a child for a period of time.

Focused in this context may mean you are capturing the responses to an adult directed task/input ie you are capturing the learning to direct teaching.


Any help?!


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