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Hi there, i'm new to this so please bear with me!!! I have been making observations on the little ones in the pre school where I work. I have one of a child who when I asked him what he would wear on a hot day, he picked out a baseball cap and sunglasses. What subject would this under under on the EYFS and to put in his learning journal? I was thinking understand the world (as he know about what to wear on a hot day?) or have i misunderstood this? I am struggling a bit so would appreciate any help.

Many thanks in advance!!!!

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Or this could come under CL: Listening and attention or Understanding; Health and Self-care (does he understand the need for safety - protection from sun?).

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It might also go in under the health and self care aspect of physical development as he is showing an awareness of what he needs to keep cool on a warm day and the need for different clothing to keep his body cool?

Whoops - think we just crossed posts here! Great minds!

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Wow thank you guys!!!! Ive got another one now, a little boy was playing with the magnets and was experimenting what they would stick to, eg. a wooden table top, no. metal table leg - yes.

Is this under maths????

I'm finding the whole observations thing soooo difficult!!!!

That's why this website is sooo cool!!!! x

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I would say The World - looking closely at similarities and differences. Was there any language involved - questioning or extending his vocab?

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Hi there, there was only limited language involved. What is CoEL? Is that Communication and Language? I can't find the playing/exploring part under Communication on my Prime Areas sheet?

Thank you sooo much for all your help so far guys!!!! x

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CoEL is 'Characteristics of Effective Learning' - pp 4 - 7 in the EYFS Guidance material ...


Characteristics of Effective Learning:

Playing and exploring – engagement

Finding out and exploring

Playing with what they know

Being willing to ‘have a go’

Active learning – motivation

Being involved and concentrating

Keeping trying

Enjoying achieving what they set out to do

Creating and thinking critically – thinking

Having their own ideas

Making links

Choosing ways to do things

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To help I'd ask these questions:

  • Is what you saw significant? Did it tell you something about the child's skills, knowledge or understanding that you didn't already know they had/could do? i.e. do you need to write it down or is it repetition of the known in which case you know it so don't need to capture.
  • What aspect could this fit into - could be several. You only get to know by reading and reading the Dev matters!
  • Is the child clearly demonstrating how they learn? (Characteristics of effective learning)
  • Does the age in months of the child fit with the age/stage of the observation i.e. is it showing consolidation within a stage, a move to a new stage of development or is it showing the child is at risk of delay when compared to their chronological age?

Try to go beyond the outcome into the learning that took place and what that means for the child's development.


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