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Hungry Caterpillar

Jo jo

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Does anybody have any ideas for follow up activties based around the hungry caterpillar story, I have used this book on many occasions but getting a bit bored of using the same ideas just wondered if anyone could come up with any new ideas I haven't used before!!

Thanks :D

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hI Jo jo and welcome! :D


What age are your children?

There are some ideas on hamiltontrust (reception/ summer term/ literacy) although Im not sur how much you can access now without subscibing.


What do you usually do?



Thanks Susan,

My children are nursery age the activities I usually do are, story sack and props for re telling the story, making indivdual books (oldest children mostly) caterpillar songs, fruit printing, making fruit salad, butterfly painting, making caterpillars from playdough. maths games using caterpillars/butterflies.

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I colour photocopied the Hungry Caterpillar book and then cut out all the pictures. Then I laminated them, also cutting them out, and stuck on a strip of magnetic tape. The children use the bits to tell the story on our magnetic board. You could also do it with velcro for a fuzzy board.


We keep the bits in a bag inside our Hungry Caterpillar story sack which has copies of the story and soft caterpillars, one large and one small and a soft butterfly that the children painted with fabric paints. We intend to add to the sack with factual books about caterpillars/butterflys, models of caterpillars and butterflies,puzzles etc.


Hope this helps!

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Hi All

Re - Hungry Catepillar - Creative Art

I've just read this and a student of mine once found on Eric Carle's website how to do pictures like Eric Carle.

Get sheets of different colour tissue paper and using a variety of Brush strokes, paint lines across the tissue - letting the paint run out and leaving a stripey effect. Use lots of colours and let the paints mix to produce a variety of effects.

Let the sheets of tissue dry and then tear off strips - making a collage. Do this on Laminating sheets and then laminate the finished results. Then hold the collage up against the window to let the light show the textured tranparent results.

We made amazing flowers and put up a display on the window. Maybe get the kids to make their own Catepillars, fruit, leaves etc.


Have fun


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cautious note......To photocopy a book is copyright infringement....

I did some training with the creator of story sacks , and he was very insistant that books must not be photocopied, however he did say it was alright to buy a copy and cuut it up to make resources.

( By the way his story reading and use of the sacks were fantastic and inspiring)



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