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Hi there,


Hope that you are all having a good break this week! As per usual for a teacher, working in the holidays. Are we the only professionals who do this??


Anyway, sidetracked a bit there.


I'm after some advice.


What is your view on who goes to the moderation meetings within your school/setting? If only one person is permitted to attend, who should it be or do you take it in turns?


Thanks :-)



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The STA requirement is that every teacher responsible for completing the profile should take part in an LA moderation activity at least once a year. So it should be all of you, every year.


ARA 2013 p16

Headteachers, governing bodies and managers of Early Years settings must:

• arrange for practitioners responsible for the completion of EYFS Profiles to take

part in local authority moderation activities at least once a year;

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