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Hi, it is worth it, in the long run, it is like getting car insurance you don't know when you would need it. They help out with disputes and tribunal cases, a friend had to pay £5000 out of court dispute, and immediately signed up with a company, having said so i find them a bit expensive i have a company who keeps calling peninsula try them, but be prepared for hard sale.

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Peninsula have been in, the problem with them is the length of contract! It's a minimum of 3 years and as the gentleman couldn't tell me the future forcast for birth rates it's a bit of a no go with them. Deminos look quite good, and only a 12 month contract however the cost is expensive, they do deal with everything though. It's a tough call but begining to feel a bit out of my depth with staffing issues etc would feel a lot happier with someone else over seeing it!! Thanks for the reply Toro.



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Hi, I use Peninsula. Have been with them a couple of years, and it's been money well spent! They have always been very helpful, dealing with pretty minor holiday pay calculations to a nasty disciplinary matter. HR can be such a minefield, nice to know I've always got back-up.

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Have you looked at HR4 Nurseries.

They are fantastic!

We have been with them for a year and it is great to know that they are at the end of the phone to go through anything we need.

They have supported us with disciplinary issues, flexible working issues, asbence management and also grievances raised.

They draft out personalised letters for you to use which is worth it in itself!

I can't recommend them high enough.

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