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tablets for pre-school


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we are in the very lucky position that a local company would like to support us by purchasing us a couple of tablets for the children and i'm not about to say no so......

We have children age 2 and a half to 4 and a half (and lots of sen) so they would need to be sturdy! i have tried to look but i am a bit of an it twit and really don't know what i'm looking for.

Any ideas welcome!

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I think as max says, the secret is the casing you buy for them finleysmaid - there isn't much in the way of drop-proof tablets per se.


In terms of established tablets, you might be better off looking at the two main types of device, which are iOS (ipad) and Android (Samsung, Google Nexus, etc. (iOS and Android refer to the operating system software that they run on).


They now come in two different sizes (both android and iOS), 7 inches and 10 inches, so you might want to pop into a PC World or somewhere and see what is likely to feel most comfortable, both for you and the children.


Another thing to be concerned about is the cameras. You really need to have two cameras, both front and rear facing, and it's easy to be caught out by this, as they don't state proudly "We only have ONE camera you lucky lucky people". The reason you need a front facing camera is so that you can take photographs of other people/things. This might seem obvious, but many devices (eg the Google Nexus 7 mentioned above) only have a rear facing camera. The reason for this is that it's primarily intended to allow people to make video calls and also to enable video while gaming, rather than to enable the taking of photographs. It's definitely one of the more important things to think about.


Hope that gives you some starter points - I'm sure people will have others. :1b

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