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Hello everyone,



I need activity ideas for a 4yr old child

Mathematics- so they can count to 10

- to draw shapes circle, triangle, heart, diamond, square

Expressive arts- mixing 2 or 3 colours to make another colour

Writing - looking at letters, learn to write their own name independently

All activities to be should be play and something that can help this individual child as well as the whole group of children (3-5years)

thanks x

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When talking about 2D shapes don't forget that a diamond's correct mathematical name is a rhombus ;)

Have you thought about colour mixing in their hands? A dollop of paint in a primary colour in one hand and another dollop in the other hand rub hands together and hey presto!

Also try this in zip lock sandwich bags if the child doesn't like to get messy. Squirt two lots of primary colours in bag, zip shut, rub together and watch the results.

A salad spinner is also good for colour mixing. Cut a piece of paper to fit in the bottom, add your paint and spin - the results create a lovely display - Damian Hurst did art work like this (although I'm not sure he used a salad spinner) although his creations fetched an awful lot of money!

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hi re the colour mixing - i did this back in november after fireworks night - showed some pictures of fireworks and spoke about any they might have seen etc

we then had small pots of liquid paint in red, yellow and blue - we used our fingers to make dabs ( sparks)of a colour firework they had seen eg red we then sppoke about another colour we had seen eg yellow - we then made dabs of yellow on the paper next to the red. i then asked them what they thought moght happen if we mixed the two colours together - some had a guess others said they didnt know - we put some red paint in with some yellow and used our fingers to mix then dabbed onto our picture - the children then spoke about the colour they had made - repeated with other colour mixing - hope that makes sense?

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really tricky to answer these sort of questions because i don't know this child.....what sort of things does she like doing? Does she like to be indoors or outdoors? is she really into construction or drawing etc etc if you could give more details i'm sure i can come up with a few ideas but they really need to be motivating for her so they need to be adjusted for her interests.

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