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New DBS instead of CRB service


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Has anyone used the new system yet?

I've just googled after receiving an email from Crb-checkonline.co.uk. I presumed it was an official site which it probably is, I even requested information from them! But when I googled DBS there are loads of sites to choose from.

Are they set up to make a profit or are they all recognised service providers?

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I have no idea Rea..you'd think somebody in the know would be giving us some official information on this by now wouldnt you, i've had a couple of emails from different agencies but not clear what is really happening, when it it is happening (as all i'd previously seen was saying from march 1st) not now) and how it will affect us :/

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I've answered my own question and for anyone else who's wondering this is what I know...

Ofsted still recommend Atlantic Data 08719774600, Capita 08708502516 and TMG 01159694609.

Any other companies you would need to ask if they do checks for Ofsted.

I phoned Capita, having used them before, to ask how I register for the DBS and if I can renew current CRBs through this service. The answer was 'we dont know yet'. That service wont start until March and so far, Captia doesn't know the answers.

So, there you go!

I still cant send my email to the Council regarding the renewing of CRBs, which they still havent answered from my initial query in September!!!


Crossed posts there Mouse, I agree you'd think more information would be out there especially as our council want them all renewed, I'm hoping to find a quick, easy and cheap way to do it.

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