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Hi again everyone


Thank you for all the replies to my last question, the forum is a very knowledgable and helpful place :)


Can anyone enlighten me as to the structure of who works each day....ie I am manager but am only on site 3 days, my deputy does the other 2.


Should she be manager also?


Should a manager and deputy be in everyday?

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for me.. I do believe there should be a manager/leader in every day and a deputy in every day... one to cover if something should happen in event of an emergency in the setting on any day...


I used to work 4 days a week as manager and have a named deputy who would cover any opposite sessions or times I was not in... but in addition we had a second deputy allowing us to have a named leader and deputy every day/ session we were open....they were paid according to thier role on any given day... so some would be at deputy rate and others at staff rate... caused a nightmare for the wages but with a planned rota could work out the wage and add overtime for any changes..


i must admit I had all level 3 staff so this helped and had all trained to enable any of them to take over at any stage and all were willing and eager to do so.. they were very good in supporting each other ... this was helpful as we often had 2 staff working with a third on call for emergency cover.. not ideal but all we could afford with the numbers some days.

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I am manager and am full time. My deputy is part time. I have a senior management team, so in the event of either myself or deputy being able to take charge there are another 2 practitioners who could. They are both qualified one L6 the other L3. I enlisted them on SMT because of their qualities of leadership, and each year define the role of the SMT.

People on the SMT have come and gone, as they have wanted to take on other areas of responsiblity and this suits me.


Hope this helps.

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My query relates to the part time senior staff issue.

I have a very experienced and knowledgeable member of staff who has been Room Senior with 2-3 age group since the Room Senior left in August 2012, but she only works 3 days a week as she has a young daughter of her own. I have read through the Statutory Framework for EYFS and no where does it state that a Room Senior should be full time. She is Lvl 3 qualified, as are the other 2 staff members in the room who work full time. Am I breaking any rules for having a Part time Room Senior, as it does seem to be working well for us as she works our 3 busiest days!


Any advice would be appreciated.

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