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Help need to write a report for a social worker and TAC meeting


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Have spoken to a social worker who is working with one of our families. The great news is that she is handing over to a support worker as the family are doing so brilliantly. I am unable to make the meeting due to staffing issues next week. She has asked me to write a report of how the child is doing. I have never done one of these before and was wondering if it is acceptable to send his EYFS progress check as this would show that developmentally he is right where he needs to be and also a more personal report which would focus much more on his PSED. Any advice or a diffrent format suggestion would be much appreciated. Should just say that it was never really a child protection issue and the child was never at harm the help is really aimed at Mums mental health.

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our reports are broken down into headings such as -

development -

communication ( between parent and setting)

physical appearance ( cleanliness, clothing etc)

nutrition - whats in their packed lunch etc, do they eat well in the setting

attendance pattern

drop off and collection - appearance of parent, are they on time, their interaction with their child and staff etc

health - any persistent health concerns, proper care taken of cuts /bruises etc by parent, health appointments attended or not

concerns expressed by the community - if anyone else has expressed a concern to you,such as another parent from your setting.

summary - how we find the child overall, how we find the parents.


our form was for a child protectection conference -and was quite in depth tho, but some of the headings may be of use !

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try not to send too much or it won't be used ! the areas we are asked to report under for SS are relationship with adults/relationship with peers/academic attainment/behaviour/attendance and punctuality/any other comments ....and DOB/dated/signed. I also add a basic info bit with who we are what we do and what the child does with us.

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