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More Ofsted changes putting things onto us!


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Not sure if this is yesterdays news, but i havn't been active for a few months due to being extremely busy over the xmas period.


We now have our new registration with various changes.. which is part im unsure most of you will already know about, and i have had my head in the sand recently...


The changes to our Ofsted registration now says: Childcare on non-domestic premises and links us to this information



It no longer has certain information ie. The maximum number of children for our setting, and many other regulations we are used to?


This all came about because we wanted to expand our numbers by 2 spaces.. where we was told that basically it is now up to us to access!


So please let me know whats going on!!!

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Yes, you're right, the registration process and certificates have changed and registered numbers of children are not recorded anymore. It's up to settings to work out the area and permitted numbers of children according to the statutory guidance. :1b

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The new revised EYFS gives the space for each age range. I have measured very simply our hall. toilet areas etc etc and then worked out how many children the space/toilet basin requirements allow us to have. As a group we have decided to stick to the current 26 max however in the event of an emergency we could go over this figure now. We have checked our insurance docs. and I have written down this info in my folder ready for inspection should any questions be asked.

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