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Hello all!!! I have recently joined a Nursery in SW London as their Deputy Manager. I would like to ensure I provide accurate information to my managers and colleagues. The major concern I have regarding our daily practice is observing the staff handling food without wearing gloves and aprons. All members of staff serve foods like toasts, potatoes and snacks to the children using their hands without wearing gloves. I so do not agree with that! I would like your help in finding some sort of food handling requirement for nurseries. The food hygiene trained person is the chef, after a chat with him he ensured me the the gloves are needed only during the preparation of the food. And the staff thing that wearing gloves during meals time would be over the top!!! Could anyone please help me with that?

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For me personally I agree with your chef...

Sometimes we do tend to go 'over the top' with H&S. At our setting we like to try and provide a home environment type atmosphere so no gloves, and not always aprons :o depending on the situation at the time, but certainly not plastic ones!



Look at it a different way - If you went to a wedding or formal do would you expect your waitress/waiter the serve you with gloves on? :1b :1b



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We are only a pre-school and only serve snacks but on our last food hygiene course (middle of last year) we were actually advised NOT to wear gloves at all because washing hands properly is just as effective when preparing foods - we do however wear aprons though :)

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agree with loubylou - I've been in a nursery that wears gloves and plastic aprons and it looks so 'detached' and stand offish and not at all reflective of the rest of their 'homely' practices


We do wear kitchen aprons whilst preparing snack - (material or oil cloth - jazzy to boot) mainly to protect uniforms from spillages, especially as we have children with allergies. They are removed when sitting with the children.


We try where possible to minimise 'traffic' in the kitchen and staff must demonstrate the ability to abide by our practices - and woe betide anyone who doesn't!! lol


the obvious applies - if they are feeling at all unwell - no kitchen (they are also usually not on shift!) no cuts or grazes exposed, no nail varnish, hands washed before prepping/serving, follow the colour coded boards, hair tied back etc

certain cloths for cleaning - all 'common sense stuff' really (for those of us whose don't live at home - that always raises eyebrows when the 'young uns' start describing their culinary skills - another story!)


does your area do the 'safer food better business' documentation??

have you had your environmental health inspection recently - did they flag anything up?

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Actually very good points!


Thank you all for your comments.


So it is great to here that we don't have to.


welcome to the forum - you'll find it a wealth of help in situations like this (and way too many others to list!!)


You sound like a god send to your new setting :1b

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