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Does anyone have a SEN standard letter that they give to parents once they have placed a child on the SEN register.


I was thinking of confirming in writing, following face to face discussion, the fact that we have put a child on the register, why and what stragegies we will be using and confirming a date for follow up.


I have got to the point of numerous discussions with parents, HV appointments, Area Senco, etc etc and parents still ticking the 'no special need' box on the early years entitlement form. I think we need to make this clearer now.


What do others think?

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Guest Wolfie

It's an extremely sensitive issue to discuss with parents but it is essential that you are clear about your action plan for the child - what you feel their individual needs are and how you are going to meet and support them effectively- and that you share your plans with parents so that there are no misunderstandings and everyone can work together. I think that a letter sounds like a very good idea - I would prepare the letter to give to parents at the end of your face to face discussion, so that it acts as clarification and a summary of everything that you have talked about whilst it is fresh in everyone's minds.


Have you come across the Early Support website? It's great and gives you lots of useful information about working with parents. The really great thing about Early Support is that the process rightly puts parents at the centre and in control of the process of providing effective support for their child and therefore empowers them in their role - they are obviously the people that know their child best! We used their framework and the parent pack at the last children's centres that I worked at and got very good feedback from all families that we used it with.



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