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Can anyone help??? We are trying to develop our EY's PE sessions and our PE coordinator has no experience of EY's. Can you recommend any resources or websites (the school are considering getting Val Sabin) ? Or if anyone has any plans they would like to share?



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Guest Wolfie

I've just put a link to a movement blog on your other post - not sure if it will help but it's a great EY read anyway!

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I use this



Action Kids 500 2nd Edition

Foundation Stage Physical Development with Fun

A Teaching manual and library of over 500 physical Development activities for 2- 5 year old children with a CD containing 56 tracks


By Val Sabin (2007)

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Also worth having a look at www.activematters.org look at this site it is so bursting with amazing helpful resources and excellent research and they often run amazing courses. The British Heart Foundation also has good resources under early movers. The leap into life resource is also good but a little prescriptive, though they do give clear guidelines on what to cover as well as how these all link to the foundation stage in EYFS. Follow me too - worth getting hold off http://www.amazon.com/Follow-Me-Too-Activities-Five-Year-Olds/dp/0201815974. Have a look on Pinterest many many links and pages there on kindergarten pe and preschool movement. http://www.songsforteaching.com/preschoolkindergartenearlychildhood/activity-movement-songs/ is a nice site. Epic websites: http://www.learnplayimagine.com/2012/01/music-and-movement-games-for-kids.html

http://www.growingajeweledrose.com/2012/08/homemade-toddler-game-get-up-move-dice.html http://www.greatplay.com/resources/how.html



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