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I just wondered if anyone still uses leap into life? I have never really got to grips with it and thought maybe I could put a programme together using the progressions’. Does anyone have any formats they could share that they use to record on?





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Hi Skippy


Our LA had a real thing for Leap into Life a couple of years ago. Staff went on training for it and when they came back we ran the entire programme for a year. When we reviewed it we came to the conclusion that the vast majority of progressions were something that the children were doing in their everyday play and that to have some progressions as focus activities was i) adding to the adult focussed workload to the detriment of the adult initiated/child initiated play balance and ii) not providing challenge to the majority of children. I would add that we are a pre-school setting and the vast majority of the children are aged between 3 and 4.


We have now "cherry picked" about 11 of the progressions and incorporated them into our adult focussed activities programme. The majority of progressions chosen are the Aesthetic Movement ones as they encourage us to do more challenging "music and movement" type activities with the children.


As far as recording the formats we use the ideas from the book to just make a note of whether children are working within or above developmentally expected levels if not then we make a note to put this in the child's next steps.


On occasions we use other elements of the programme with children who have physical developmental delay or SEND.


Hope that helps

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Thank you Sue. I was in a dilemma as I think leap can flag up things you do not always see but at the same time like you say it is another adult directed activity. May be I need to do as you say and cherry pick?


Happy new year x

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