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Hi all,


I was wondering if anyone can help, i'm looking for the name of the monitoring tool for settings. It looks at all aspects of the setting and gives you example of practice enabling you to see where you are and how to improve. I have been trudging the internet for hour trying to find it - you have to pay for the booklet arrggghhh!!! What's it called! I've been on maternity leave for ever and am returning to work after Christmas...trying to get bits in order and use my frozen brain before I return.





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Hi Sal,


As sunnyday mentions, I think you are referring to ECERS - The 'Early Childhood Environment Rating Scales' (ECERS-R) by Thelma Harms. There is also ECERS-E = The 'Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale Curricular Extension to ECERS-R' by Kathy Sylva.


I believe these originated in the US, but are used in the UK - I've just looked at www.ecersuk.org which explains the ECERS evaluation tools and also gives a link to a free downloadable UK adaption 'The UK Addendum to the ECERS-R' dated April 2009.

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