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christmas craft ideas


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could you do a footprint rudolf for the babies? Paint their foot brown, toes become the antlers, add a red nose and some googly eyes. Our 2 and a half year olds did the same craft as our older ones and managed really well, for their Christmas cards, I made some gingerbread play dough and the children cut out gingerbread man shapes and decorated them with googly eyes, buttons, gems, etc. for features. We took a photo of each and then we have stuck on the photo to the front of a card and added a border.

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In previous years I've done


Angel cards, using the little ones paint hand prints for the wings


Rudolph using hand prints for antlers and adding googly eyes and red pompom noses


a cardboard wreath using overlapping hands (drew round their hand on green card, cut them out and let the little ones glue them onto a cardboard hoop) and added a ribbon bow and hanging hoop. Older children did a similar thing with salt dough which we baked and varnished.


I also helped them to decorate plain cake boxes which they filled with the fairy cakes they decorated, gift bags with gingerbread Christmas trees - I bought the kits from Sainsburys and we made chocolate no-cook fudge in cellophane bags for gifts for them to take home.


Messy but fun....and the parents loved them !! I now send the recipes and/or home, too, as so many asked for it to make extra for grand-parents.



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my favourite is five little snowmen....you buy those clear plastic baubles and they hold it in their hand that has been paited with white paint. Wait for it to dry and paint on features and a scarf. There is a poem to go with it...i'll try and find it.

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