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phonics statements fron development matters


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one of my performance management targets is to get majority of nursery class to age-related expectations for phonics. i am now in process of highlighting all statements from communication and language and reading and have found the following


2 Recognises and responds to many familiar sounds, e.g. turning to a knock on the door, looking at or going to the door

3 Shows interest in play with sounds, songs and rhymes


4 Enjoys rhyming and rhythmic activities

5 Shows awareness of rhyme and alliteration

6 Recognises rhythm in spoken words


but would any of expressive art and design be included?


6 Sings a few familiar songs

9 Taps out simple repeated rhythms

10Explores and learns how sounds can be changed

7 Makes up rhythms



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I wouldn't worry about deconstructing the dev matters - why not use the phonics phases instead?? Children should be secure phase 1 by end of nursery at least and phase 3+ by the end of EYFS so that's the targets.The phase 1 guidance gives all the look listen notes you need to assess against and if your children are secure especially within aspects 6 and 7 they will be well on track.


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