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Going on a Bear Hunt game rules


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Hi all

I have just bagged a bargain at my local charity shop- a box set of We're Going on a Bear Hunt, book, DVD and board game. It is almost in mint condition minus a couple of stands for the characters (will make some or steal from another game I have) but what is missing are the rules/instructions on how to play.

I have done a quick google search but nothing significant came up. I was wondering if any of you have the game or know of someone that does that could share the rules with me?

I bought it so that I could add the resource to our Bear Hunt story sack.

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I found this- any good??



The game can be played with 2-6 players, it suggests age 3 years plus as there are small parts, so if you are allowing younger ones to play then do supervise carefully.


It is great quality and all the pieces including spinner and cards are strong cardboard.


The game uses a spinner and can be played with colours OR numbers depending on what your child is most familiar with.


The playing pieces are the characters from the book/dvd, you move around the board according to how you spin -either to the next orange circle for example, if playing the colour option or 3 spaces if using numbers.


The board is layed out just like the adventure in the story/dvd- going through the grass, mud, snow etc. As you reach each section there is a pile of UH OH cards, if it is red you have to wait until your next turn, green you can spin again!


When you reach the cave there are 'Whats that?' cards, if it is a bear you spin again, if it is empty you have to wait until your next turn and pick a card again before you start your race back home!


Towards the end there are 'oh no go back 2 spaces' circles just to add to the anticipation of who will win!!


The first player to reach home is the winner.


Reading the book or watching the DVD before playing the game is beneficial for children as it will support their enjoyment and interaction with the game.

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Not seen it either panders, someone gave us a lovely 'hungry caterpillar' board game for 3+ .......none of the staff can work out how to play it though....and we have the instructions :/


Also have mini motors and set of cards, had it for years but there is one card that no one can figure out what it's asking you to do...does anyone else have this ? It's the card with suitcases and planes on, must some how need to connect suitcases to planes but there seems to be no logic, rhyme or reason as too how.....would love to finally know.

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Some years ago I bought a game at a car boot sale that was missing a couple of pieces, including the rules. I wrote a letter to the company that made it and they managed to dig out a set of rules to photocopy and send to me. They said that if the game had still been in production they would also have replaced the pieces. I thought that was very helpful. :1b

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Thanks for that Gezabel... I found that on too on my search but wanted the actual game rules as there seems to be a bit more to it. Panders the game will be going home with our story sack so hopefully the little ones will be able to play with parents/and or older siblings. It is not as complicated as some board games.

Beau - great idea - I will be onto the makers to see if they can help out.

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