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I am a manager of a setting. We are are very pro-active in working as a tema and ensuring that staff ideas and thoughts are inputted into our everyday practice.


We recently sent out our 6 monthly staff questionnaire which asks staff a variety of questions about how they feel in the workplace including how well the setting is managed and how valued they feel.


These can remain anonomous if staff wish. I have had staff questionnaires back and overall we have had some good feedback, however two staff who I recognise through there handwriting have made very insulting, rude and unprofessional comments about individuals and the setting as a whole.


I feel that this needs to be addressed however I can not prove at this stage that is is the poeple I think it is as no names have been given


Please help!

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I would address any concerns which are appropriate and feedback a summary of concerns and action taken to everybody in writing. I would include a note saying that any respondent who feels that their concerns have not been addressed should approach you for a one to one meeting so things can be dealt with in the appropriate manner.


I'm sure more experienced people will be along soon with more suggestions.

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I would have to say that if you have asked the question, then you need to accept the answer....I do not mean just "take it on the chin", but rather accept that these may indeed be the views of others and work out how best you can address their points. I suggest you summarise the responses, and then .take the negatives and come up with a way forward.I think its an inherrent danger with any questionnaire that you invite feedback but actually only want to hear the positives. If there is a bad vibe amongst some then it does need to be addressed.After all, you asked them how they feel, and they have spoken!!!


I am now very cautious about sending out anymous questionnaires for this very reason. I actually think if parents or staff have a grievance or concern , then they need to say so honestly and the issues more directly responded to.

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Yes i am starting the think the same, I have always tried to address any concenrs and encourage staff to raise anything they feel is a problem. I just felt that staff would be able to be constructive in what they say even though it may be negative.

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