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I have just received my notice of intention to remove all variations from my registration certificate, I knew this was coming, now the question is this, I know I can make my 'own variations' as long as I stay within the standards, so any I already have will still stand so to speak, my husband is my assistant for emergency cover with parental permission which I have, so thats fine, BUT what about the OVERNIGHT CARE variation I have/had for 2 children?

The only refference to overnight care i can find is that you must be able to hear the child, a monitor is acceptable. So does this mean that all childminders can now provide overnight care? as long as they use a monitor? or are there any other restrictions that I cannot find that I or people should adhere to?

I rang my local childcare Officer and she does not know the answer either, so has anyone come accross this yet or asked the question themselves?


Thank you



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Oh hmmmmmm I know that I and others in my borough (RBWM) have had to have a variation to be able to provide it (before September 2012)


I have had my variation for 11 years to be able to do this but have always asked by the Ofsted inspector if I wanted it to continue when I have had all my inspections since so that it could be put onto my registration certificate.


When I spoke to my Childcare Officer today she was concerned that it would be open for anyone to just go ahead and do it. I will let you all know the outcome as she has e-mailed the Ofsted enquiries department. Will be interesting to see what they have to say about it!!!!

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Update/reply from Ofsted today!!!!! Still a bit confused!!!!!


Thank you for your e-mail.


In response to your enquiry, if a provider would like to provide overnight care, this will be treated as a variation to their current conditions. As providers are now able to make their own decisions regarding changes to conditions of registration, it will be up to the provider to make sure that they have the relevant risk assessments in place and also have followed any relevant EYFS requirements, should they wish to provide overnight care.


It is still a requirement of the EYFS that the provider informs us of any changes to their conditions of registration, but they no longer have to wait for Ofsted’s permission to put these changes into place.


Please be aware that should a provider wish to provide overnight care or make any other changes to their registration conditions, they would require the new certificate with the conditions removed. Please ask providers to contact Ofsted should they wish to make changes to their conditions of registration.


I hope you find this information helpful.


However should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Nichola Gaskell

Ofsted - National Business Unit

TEL: 0300 123 1231

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I read it to say you can chose what your registration says but you have to inform them so they can issue a new certificate with the new details on.

It isnt the easiest message to read is it?

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