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Does anyonw have a questionnaire that they give out to parents after their first half or full term please? I want to get parents views on settling, communication with key person etc. I could do one but thought I would ask here first to save me the time - cheeky I know but am snowed under at the mo (as no doubt everyone else is too!)

Any ideas would be very gratefully received :wub:

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We've just done one which ( as far as I can remember) asks:

  • How well do you think your child has settled into our nursery?
  • Do you feel happy talking to staff if you have a concern?
  • Is there anything you think we do well?
  • Is there anything you think we could do better?

We give the options to write a few lines, or to just tick a box .

If it turns out when I look tomorrow it asks anything else, I'll post again!! We had some really positive feedback and a few moans which can easily be answered!!

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