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I'm currently doing my EYPS and working with the baby room to develop some ideas that they have had recently to try and improve their room. One idea that they had was to ask for some double buggies so that they could take the babies for walks off premises. (our parents sign a consent form on enrolling agreeing to spontaneous trips off premises) I approached my manager about this as buggies would be useful outside in the garden too, and she came back with "under 2s are not allowed off the premises because the ratio goes to 1-1 for under 2s" is this true? or is she making excuses??





3.64 Children must be kept safe while on outings, and providers must obtain

written parental permission for children to take part in outings. Providers must

assess the risks or hazards which may arise for the children, and must identify

the steps to be taken to remove, minimise and manage those risks and

hazards. The assessment must include consideration of adult to child ratios.

The risk assessment does not necessarily need to be in writing; this is for

providers to judge.


This is what I can find in the EYFS framework so am I right in thinking that 1 staff with 2 strapped in a buggy would be satisfactory??

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Hi Caroline


I can't recall seeing it anywhere that under twos can't leave the building in the EYFS, but she may be referring to the setting's own policy, I guess.


One local full day care setting regularly takes their littlies out in buggies (or did before September) and I can't imagine that there's an outright ban in taking them out. However maybe one of our members who are LA advisors can offer their expert guidance? ;)

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I've recently had a similar discussion...the manager let the under 2's room go out they were well within a 1:3 ratio in fact it was 1:1 for 5 staff and two staff had two children each......my grumble was that the two staff who had two children had one baby in a buggy and a toddler walking holding the pram....NO REIGNS! NO WRIST STRAPS! JUST HOLDING THE BUGGY!! I basically said to all staff and the manager(i'm the deputy) I was fuming....that it is unacceptable to leave a child at risk like this and a staff member pushing a pram can not properly supervise a toddler walking....the reply from some "parents do it" yes they do but its their responsibility if their toddler runs out in to the road and gets run over...not yours! Its never happened again and never will while i'm there :angry:

I hope nobody comes along and disagrees with this :ph34r:

But I haven't seen it anywhere that under 2's can't go out.......as long as how you go about it is safe for the children two babies in a double buggy to one staff member sounds perfect to me ;)

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Yes jules2382. I would understand my manager saying no if they were in reigns, straps etc but the girls want 2 x double buggies so that 2 of them can take out 4 children for a short walk. Think I will have to have another talk with my manager again.

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Yes jules2382. I would understand my manager saying no if they werent going to be in reigns, straps etc, but the girls want to get 2 x double buggies so they can take 4 children out with 2 staff for short walks.


Thanks guys, I feel more confident now to tackle my manager again now knowing that I am correct. Think sometimes they think us EYPS peeps dont know the EYFS lol xx

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