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Hi everyone,


I was thinking about some exciting contexts to inspire my children's writing and mark making linked to their interests. I was just wondering whether anyone can share any scenerios they have created to spark my imagination?


So far I have done....



-Got a friend to dress up as the ice man (white clothes, fairy lights, talcon powder) and he spoke on a video setting the children some tasks to do to set the good superheros free e.g. some superheroes were frozen in ice and they had to get them out, laser beams outside with wool etc.

-Robin Hood left us a leaf covered post box and he wanted the children to write letters to him and he wrote letters back mentioning specific children which inspired the other children to write him a letter aswel.


Thanks in advance :)

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Percy the park keeper needs their help to catch the culprits of........(make up your own problem)


Footprints across the floor...


Fairy door in the skirting board...


Basket in the floor with tarts and envelope but no get well card...


I'm sure others will come up with loads more!



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pirates have kidnapped teddy - teddy needs help to find his way home using clues set by the children.


use the book where wolf is wants to make pancakes but needs help to write his shopping list etc - can they write his list where he needs to go - how to make the pancakes etc., = -could even make pancakes?

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Thanks for sharing the 'Literacy Shed' Lorna its brilliant.


We on occasion look at the 'Lilac' banded readers and create our own narrative. We also use provocations just as suggested above and then use them as a subject for a talking table activity.

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A suitcase in the middle of the floor only half packed what else would we need...


Also have you looked at the Literacy Shed an amazing website!




Oh Lorna what a lovely resource that site must be. I just "lost" half an hour watching a couple of videos, Lost and Found of Oliver Jeffers - I have never seen animated before, absolutely brill.

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  • 6 months later...

Some great ideas thanks!!

Also i've just done another where magic beans from Jack and the beanstalk are hidden and when the kids find them they have to write a wish!


Any other ideas especially linked to a friendship topic?

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