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Our sleep mats are beyond repair and we need to invest in 30 more sleep mats.

Each time we purchase the Snoozemats they split down the sides and the sponge comes out and potentially poses a hazard to children choking!

Therefore, can anybody recommend some good sleep mats that are easy to store, reasonably priced and long lasting.

Am I looking for the impossible???

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Cait - Thanks for the recommendation of Community Playthings. I will check them out because their products certainly do last!


Rachael1820 - Our setting is 82 place. Our 18 month + children all sleep on mats!


Any other recommendations of what people use at their settings?

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ooo we got some good ones - had hung on and hung on in desperation not to have to buy the type that you are describing as got sick of them splitting not long after purchase...will be back with the company soon as my grey matter has let me down again!



http://www.essential...ice-b-16713.php some kind soul had the link on here a while back so we went for it.


They look far better in real life as on the pic they look like the ones you already have but these are more like the vinyl you get in cars (think old cars not modern ones...you know that fake leather stuff!) and it's soooooo nice to see stitched seams and not glued! and they seem thicker than the other type.


we've had them well over a year now and they are still like new


promise i'm not on commission!


Can any one help with changing mats???? same problem with splitting seams ...have gone cheap/expensive but still cant find one that last longer than 2 months. CP is a last resort grrrrr


more editing...going to bed soon! :blink: didn't see that they sold changing mats doh - stitched seams too so will give them a go (but happy for other suggestions too plz :D)

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