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Hi everyone,


I am new to the forum and so apologise if I haven't chosen the right section of the forum to post this in!! I'm a little overwhelmed!


Anyway I am interested in completing an audit of my setting using ECERS-R, ITERS-R and ECERS-E. I have looked on their website and it does provide information about it all but not the scales themselves. Does anyone know if you can download the scales online or if you have to purchase the books for the scales?


Thank you!

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Not sure if you can download but I found the books worth purchasing. Our Local Authority use this assessment towards our NEF payment - I am doing an co-audit next week. Not had chance to revise my course notes yet so not looking forward to Tuesday but I personally found the system useful. Some items are questionable but it is a good audit tool

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yes we had to buy the books too - dont think you can download.

they do make you reassess your setting and how to change it for the better.

we have had these a few times over the years and found them to be mostly useful although some points seem a bit picky and at times pointless as you cant change them.


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