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2012 On Entry Assessment Yr


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I was wondering how everyone seems to be collecting their evidence for On-Entry (Baseline) as I seem to have lots of evidence for most areas except Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.


Also, I'm not sure what information Wigan LA EYFS Team require for baseline (due in November).

Do children need to be secure at 30-50 months if we are reporting them at that level or can they be working within 30-50 months?

How much evidence is required for you to make your judgements?


I'm finding it difficult to use some Nursery assessments as I've not been given too much information (understandably) but can not make a judgement based on U of the W and EAD based on this information as the statements are different to the new EYFS.


If anyone could share what they have been doing, it would be great!


I have been doing individual child observations (focused 10 minutes), an on entry booklet (PD, R, W, Number, SSM) and incidental observations.


Thank you :D

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Guest tinkerbell

Hi nad welcome Cathee64


I think you are not alone so don't worry.

I too use a simple baseline booklet to gather initial assessments.This year we introduced a shoebox 'all about me' which the children took home on their transition afternoon and they put things in over the summer,photos,pictures little toys etc.They have been sharing the contents of the boxes these past 2 weeks and we have jotted down their chat about holidays,family ,favourite pets etc which I feel is their KUW.

My ta took each group and they made 'rocky road' she found out about their cooking and past experiences with food...we will take this on with our focus

this week we will have Handas surprise as our book to focus on and I am taking in lots of fruit to draw and taste.I also teach year 1 so will home in on the world map and ask questions relevant to the children.

I know its going to take time to get to know the children and their interests,the most vocal are already showing their preferences ...animals and monsters( screaming and chasing outside :D

I will just gather information and put it in a file until we have our local LEA meeting about assessment?



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