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Hi all,

The situation is that we are getting to the point where our systems are not coping with the new volume of bookings/invoices etc and i feel we need to be bying an intergrated system to help but the ones i've looked at seem to be more for full day care 52 weeks of the year.

Can anyone recommend something for me to look at?

We are mainly sessional but have some children doing full days. They do a mix of hours. plus wages for 7 people/ invoices/bookings/milk/registers/accounts/lunch club/holiday clubs etc etc

can anyone help?

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Guest sn0wdr0p

We use instant nursery manager. Not very expensive and a fee of only £60 a year for support. There is a version which we used to use which was for out of school clubs so had term time and hols and I think they have versions for different types of settings. You can create sessions with prices, invoice, create waitings lists, registers and all the usual stuff. It's not completely ideal for us now as we have changed a lot since we opened 5 years ago and offer a variety of services but I have recently spoken to them and they said they will look at what they can do, so they are pretty helpful.


If you type in instant nursery manager in google they have screenshots etc and plenty of info about the software.

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I have just ordered the Pre-school Learning Alliance package for the same reasons, too many invoices and constant session changes.


I chose it as it has one fixed cost and no annual fees , like most I researched.

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I use parenta as i like the 24/7 support line and the fact that was designed specifically for my setting and can be changed as needs change and evolve, for example, it is just being changed so that invoices now allow for any left over NEF hours to be carried over to the next term, a fixed system would not be able to make that sort of adjustment

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thanks for the help i think the psla one is a no go as it is for a stand alone computer and myself and duputy (and possible trustees) may need access.The instant nursery manager looked quite good and fulfills most of our requirements...but i don't think it lets you do the wages on there ...which would be helpful ...but maybe none of them do that??? i'll go and have a look at the parenta one

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