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Hi Everyone!


I have been asked to complete a harvest assembly with my reception class in 3 weeks time, we are a church school so it must include a clear meaning of harvest.


I have found a couple of scripts about the little red hen, a church mouse etc but was after something a little simpler as the children will have only been full time at school for 5 weeks by then.


I have got a autumn cd from out of the ark so have got fab songs but no script to work off.


any ideas would be fab :D


Thanks xx

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We've placed the children in 5 rows. The whole class sings 'We have brought some....crunchy carrots' repeat 3 times and then end with 'to put on the harvest table'- row one would have carrots in their hands and take them to the table. Next verses sang the same but using different harvest gifts- 'we have brought some marvellous marrows, wonderful wheat, perfect pumpkin and last verse a lovely loaf'. Hope this makes sense :)

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