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How Would You Describe Your Ethos?


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Hi ours might include high adult/child ratios, very low turnover of staff, highly skilled staff, well maintained and excellent quality resources. But most importantly above all those, "children are at the heart of all that we do and believe in.":)

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Guest LornaW

I saw the following on a nursery prospectus just recently and just loved it!


A skilled five year old grows from a busy four year old, a curious three year old, a cuddled two year old, an adventurous one year old and a communicative baby.

We will nurture and support all of our children to ensure they all grow into curious and confident young people. We believe in the immense potential of each of our young learners and we are committed to giving them every opportunity to succeed. We also believe that curiosity is a central component of being human. Children are born curious and they are drawn to learning and we will build our curriculum around developing this disposition and allowing being curious to develop deeper levels of understanding. We will always encourage questions and never tire of answering them and of saying when we can’t and how we might try and find out.



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