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Wigan Maths Assessments

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Hi all,


Was just wondering if you use or have ever used the Wigan maths assessments in Reception? My school has decided to use wigan assessments as a whole school assessment/tracking in maths.

Would appreciate any feedback on how you found it, and how you used it within your mathematics sessions.


Many thanks,



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To be honest I've never heard of them so can't comment - a quick search showed some Wigan LA materials linked to APP from the strategies? Is that what you mean? They appear to be linked to the current NC with some sheets for reception?? They also seem to be in the process of removing them from now and not updating - wouldn't this would mean they would be out of synch with the NC pretty soon??


In general I am always slightly anxious that "assessments" in that way, in EYFS, stop the focus being on observation of skills and application in different contexts and narrow what is being looked for. I'd rather trust professional judgement and knowledge of the children!

It can also become an additional assessment which isn't required by the EYFS or EYFSP and as a moderator I wouldn't be that interested in assessment outcomes from a scheme but would still need to know about the independent application observations so it does double up the work a bit??



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I think the 'assessments' you have found are from 2002 and I don't know if they have been updated since then, although it seems unlikely, but they dont't fit in with the new curriculum and best practice for assessment. They seem to be geared towards levelling with NC levels and therefore not fit for purpose in the EYFS.

I am wondering if this is something coming from your school consortia and whether you can get some advice from whoever is now responsible for supporting your Foundation Stage?

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We used to use these in our school from year one to six.they didn't fit in with the eyfs as the levels are national curriculum. They never gave a true reflection anyway as we found once the scores were converted to a level, the level was often higher than what we were assessing them at in general. The school uses the mental Maths sections of them now but only as practise. I certainly wouldn't recommend them especially in reception

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Thanks for your replies everyone.

Catma- They would purely be an 'inhouse' tracking system, not for moderators eyes. And it was on of our moderators who suggested we use it.

I too am also wary about using these assessments with EYFS as you correctly say they are geared towards NC levels. As it is a whole school initiative I will run with it and see how it goes, I have changed the statements now to link in with the revised EYFS development matters. At least I can show them that I am willing to give it ago, despite my reservations.

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