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I'm sure this has already been discussed but what are you doing about the look, listen and note part of your 'old' planning if you had one?

It seems to me that many of the development matters are worded more like the old 'look, listen and note'. Are you bothering with the LLN box anymore?


Green Hippo

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I think the concept of LLN is one of the best things to come out of the former documentation!!

All it does is make you focus on what will you see or hear children doing to tell you your input has been successful - you don't need to use the exact wording (just as learning outcomes don't need to use the exact wording of the dev matters, and never have, although I still see practitioners trying to teach a whole ELG in a lesson but hey ho!) but I would keep the concept and ensure whoever is doing the planning tries to formulate what successful learning would look like. If you use the old doc it doesn't matter - it was never statutory and neither is the new one - they're just there to help!!



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