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Introducing Fsp To Parents

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I am to introduce the foundation stage profile to our new reception parents and thought it would be best done through an open evening when we are also doing a phonics/ how to read evening.


Does anyone have any information as to how to get the foundation stage - sure start video and pack that I have heard of... and would this be of use?


How much information do we need to go into?


I didn't complete these last year... so am uncertain of the details that parents need to be given at the start... but am aware that this would be easier as a group presentation rather than as individual parents on parents evening.


Any ideas are gladly accepted and thatnks in advance.

Lorna :o

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Hi Lorna -


I'm not sure which video you mean - there are two available, one of which you would be shown when you do a FSP course for reception teachers. I don't know if they also distribute it for general usage.


There is also a Foundation Stage information video for parents video, with posters and leaflets for parents etc. This was sent out to settings as a general maildrop some months ago, and you could probably obtain one by calling Surestart (contact details at www.surestart.gov.uk).


Are either or both of these the sort of videos you are thinking of?


Regards, Steve.

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Thanks for the information.


It was the surestart video and information pack that I was looking for. It was waved at us at a course last week.


Have searched the site however with no luck I have also tried the dfes and qca websites.


Anyone with anyother information please let me know


Thanks in advance


Lorna :o

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I have just received the pack from Sure Start but as yet have not had time to look at it. You should also get it if you work in a surestart area. The contact person I was given is a Debra Gilder on 02072736277 or email Debra.Gilder@dfes.gsi.gov.uk

The pack is called 'The Foundation Stage- Information for Parents' . The leaflets are available in a umber of languages.

Hope that helps

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Hi Lorna,

The video for parents gives a good overview of the Foundation Stage , and looks at the different sorts of settings that children can attend. It also emphasises practical activities as the best way for children to learn, so it's great for damping down the "I-want-my-child-to-fill-in-lots-of-worksheets-parent"! However, I don't think it mentions the FS profiles, so you may need to get hold of your EYDCP or LEA department that ran the profiles courses last academic year. Although, of course, that video was mainly about how to do observations and assessments, and wasn't really for parents to see. You might be able to pick bits from the two videos to create your own presentation. Good luck :)

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I've been sent the Sure Start package at my school. Not aware that I signed up for it!


I showed the profile document to my parents individually on parents eve. as they came out in March.

As a blank document it was accepted by the majority, which was reassuring as most of my families are EAL.

We explained the significance of the boxes and at that point in the school year I was also able to indicate where I expected their children to score(in general, not specifically).


We used the booklets as a report to parents and my reaction now is NEVER again. It was extremely tedious and time consuming transcribing evidence into comment boxes so that it was personalised and had some significance.

Many of the families actually felt it told them little about their children, although these were often the lower-achievers!


In actual fact I felt they probably knew more!


Yes we shall collect evidence and compile data as required but we will not be using the Profile document to do this and we will send home the traditional style repirt next year.


Good luck with your presentation.

We also find information sessions to groups are very poorly attended but we get near on 100% on individual appointment evenings. (We've even balloted the parents to ascertain prefered times and still had only 1or 2 show up).



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Hi Susan


Could you find out the Dfes number for ordering this pack because I tried to order it today and they said they couldn't find the one I was looking for. If you could help it would be great (or anyone else who has the Sure Start Pack).





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I don't know if you contacted the SureStart Unit or the QCA? If it was SureStart, then try this number for the QCA publications. I've tried to find the details for you on the Standards site, DfES and Surestart, and, incredibly, there is no reference to it!!!


Tel: 01787 884444

Fax: 01787 312950

Email: qca@prolog.uk.com

Or write to


QCA Publications

PO Box 99



CO10 2SN

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The pack is only available for government funded settings. See my earlier posting for the contact person if you havent had yours and cant get through Nikki- I have found DebraGilder very helpful and I have ordered extra copies of the leaflet in several languages for our parents

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I have received this Sure Start video and have heard good things about it, but as of yet have not had the time to sit down and watch it. So although I can't comment accurately about its content, I do know that it's focus is not about the Foundation Stage Profile but rather the Foundation Stage.


People attending the QCA briefing on the Profile received a video about it, but Helen was right the audience was not meant for parents. My recommendation for you would be to inform your parents in little bits and often. Your idea about having a Parents open evening sounds a good idea, but I would use it as an opportunity to inform the parents about wider issues in the Foundation Stage. (Let's face it there is more to life than the Profile.)


Information could then be touched upon in parent consultation evenings when progress achieved and next steps are discussed and agreed. Annual reports could also be written in reference to the Profile statements (if you decide not to use the QCA booklet as a report).


One last idea which might be helpful to you. One school that I visited last term was keen to incorporate the contributions from parents, so they asked the parents to write a short note/observation when they noticed achievements happening at home. So for instance if during parents consultation evenings it was agreed that the next step for development for a child was to recognise and name shapes correctly, the parents would make a note when they saw their child achieving this. I liked the idea especially because it allowed parents to work in partnership with the school.


Hope this helps :)

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Well the presentation went well.... I just did a brief introduction to it and went through the six areas of the foundation curriculum and what the expectations for the children are in each area.



Went down well


Thanks for all the halp.


Lorna :)

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