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Good morning!


I need help xD . I had seen something in the "Planning for the FS" that I still can not understand :o. If you look up at the long-term plan in page 11, there all these numbers in each area under each topic/them. Then it says "Key: numbers refer to the aspects of learning on page 20". I go to page 20 and there comes out a list.


BUT... from where do they make this division :( ???


If one looks up the FS Curriculum, there is no reference to these numbers? How do I make the connection? Some things are related to the FS Profile, but not all.


I will greatly appreciate your help.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi SmileyPR,


The numbers identify the aspects in each area of development.

ie: pg 11, Sept ( column) -PSED ( row)1= Disposition and attitude, 3= Making relationships.


pg 32-33 is disposition and attitude, stepping stones ( PSED, aspect 1)


pg 36-37 is making relationships, stepping stones (PSED, aspect 3)


The "Aspect" is written on the lower right hand corner of the pages in the FS guidance ( in the grey area).


Hope this helps, I don't know how these link to the FS Profile because I don't work with that.




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Hi Smiley,


I've done an analysis of the numbers on pg 11.


Over the length of a year Sept -Aug


PSE, all aspects 1-6 are covered 5 times


CLL, all aspects 1-6 are covered 6 times


MATHS, all aspects 1-3 are covered 8 times


KUW, all aspects 1-6 are covered 5 times


PD, aspect 1 covered 4 times, 2-5 covered 5 times


CD, aspects 1& 2 covered 6 times, aspect 3 covered 5 times and aspect 4 covered 7 times.



This shows over the year an emphasis on Maths ( all aspects being covered 8 times)


2nd emphasis on CLL,


3rd emphasis on Creative development ( although aspect 4 covered more than aspects 1-3)


PD, PSED and KUW all mainly equal emphasis with each aspect covered 5 times ( apart from KUW A1, movement, covered 4 times)


The aspects should ( I think) link to the theme/time of year ie: OCT & AUG PSED aspect 6=sense of community.

However in NOV, DEC,FEB I think KUW A6 ( cultures & beliefs would be covered yet it is not included in the plan)


Also to remember lots of aspects are covered during routines.

It is useful to list these ie: self registration would cover PSED 2,5 and CLL 4 (identifying name)


I did mine different but used the idea of ensuring all aspects were covered over a period of a year, I also had an emphasis to Maths and CLL.


(I will add this reply before I lose it then get an example of my long term plan and post it for you to see).



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Hi Smiley,

Attached is my long term plan- mine is different in that I focused one area of development over a week ie: wk 1 PSED aspects 1&2- this was the main focus throughout these 2 1st weeks of term- these aspects would be considered in all areas of play ( which are defined by areas of development ie: book corner CLL- to be holistic through this these 2 wks stories would be displayed which promote PSED 1&2, in the art area children would be introduced to the self select system, recognising pictures for where things are accessed from and put away-thus promoting PSED 1&2.


nother example yr wk 20 PH (physical) Aspect 4&5, this would be planned in all the areas of the preschool, CR area-Dough using tools & equipment, Construction area using tools and equipment etc.


Maths area-using equipment ie: scales ( on a CLL A 4 focus we would use number symbols say with number line games)


What this does is show that the curriculum is holistic and all areas of development can be covered in all areas of the setting.


hope this helps and doesn't confuse.




ps I would like to add that the plans were changed -flexible to suit children.

Also this year we are considering planning to stories with an equal emphasis on 6 areas of learning throughout the week ( not just a focus on one area). I have a meeting with my manager this week to see how we ensure all areas/aspects will be covered over the long term.


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Well it worked after a fashion. As to the numbers, we went through our folders and numbered the grey boxes 1, 2, 3 etc on each pagefor each area and letterd the stepping stones a,b,c etc on each page. It was the way suggested to us by our EYDCP so I presume in Birmingham at least thats how people do it. If you use the numbers the folder suggests some aspects are kind of repeated. I havent got a folder handy to explain further but the grey box on the right hand page sometimes has the same thing written whereas it isnt the same stepping stone. Is that as clear as mud? :o Excellent :D

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Oh boy :( ! How ashamed I feel :o ! Even when Peggy said it in the 1st response to the post, I couldn't find what she was saying and I was going to write it, when... xD there it was... so clear.


Thanks, a million, to all of you for helping me out. You're angels :( !


Rea... it is a pity that the file is not clear. It is a scan. Right? That happened to me last week or so when I also wanted to attach a scanned document.


Peggy... thanks for taking the time to analise this so carefully. I love the way you have presented your LTP. I feel full of enthusiasm to prepare mine during this month. I started it, but it is not complete yet (attached). As soon as I have finished it, I will share it here.


Have a nice week :D !


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Hi SmileyPR,

Glad to enthuse :D:D:D

Are you going to add which aspects into your long term plan to ensure coverage of all of them? or some people define these in their MTP or even Short term planning.

Only from experience, this year, we included PD approaching the end of Summer term in readiness for sports day. (non competetive of course :D ).


What comes first the chicken or the egg- do we plan the sequence in which we want to cover areas of development ( including aspects) for the year, then decide which topic/theme would best fit the aspects or plan the topics 1st then fit the aspects to the topic.?


I've always planned the topic 1st, but as you may be aware from other posts on the forum, I am wanting to move away from topic planning to more short term child interest planning. As we know we can fit most any activity to the aspects maybe I will have an aspect planned ie MD A2- for week 33, and then whatever interests the children include this aspect into my interactions with the children? Does that sound double dutch to you, or do you think it could work?


I notice you have included a few stories as topics, I would be interested to see your planning for those, when done.


Also from experience I have found 2 weeks long enough for a topic ( mind you I am preschool, not reception) and we have disregarded a whole topic to follow childrens interests, such as when a ladybird was found in the garden we changed from our planned clothing and did minibeasts and nursery rhymes linked to minibeasts.


Enjoy your planning, don't make it a chore and enjoy some rest as well.



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