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Is anyone 'old enough' to remember the 'Persil Funfit' scheme? :blink: ;) It was introduced by Persil around about 1993 with the aim of promoting fun and fitness to children (as well as brand loyalty!). In return for a number of collected points schools, pre-schools, gym clubs etc could register for the scheme and receive a resource pack and teaching materials.

I have been using the assessment tool for nearly twenty years now :o and it works really well. So, with the importance of 'Physical development' now recognised, I want to share the assessment tool with anyone who would like to use it!

Basically, the programme is divided into three areas - ABC - 'Action', 'Balance' and 'Coordination'. Each area contains 10 activities. My nursery children work toward these during their time in F1 - this might be during outdoor play or I might allocate hall time to work on specific areas. If a child achieves 3 activities in each area he or she receives a 'bronze' award certificate, 6 for a 'silver' award and 9 for a 'gold' award. The certificates are presented to the children when they leave F1.

The original scheme provided badges and certificates, but I just use my own certificates now.

I have attached a 'class list' for each area - I would also like to attach an individual record sheet (which I have adapted), but am concerned that this might have copyright implications :ph34r: - perhaps someone could advise on this? If you're interested you could email me - and of course, you could easily produce your own!

Hope you find them useful!

Funfit - Class record - ACTION.doc

Funfit - Class record - BALANCE.doc

Funfit - Class record - CO-ORDINATION.doc

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oh boy that's a blast from the past! my oldest daughter used to do this at gym club when she was 2/3 the gym leader was looking for an assistant and i volunteered (! must stop doing that....that's how i ended up in this job!!) i was still working doing gym sessions up to 4 weeks before i gave birth to my second!. Thanks for the memories! definitely been doing this job too long :rolleyes: :blink:

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