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Deregulation Worries

Guest cathy m

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I suppose it will depend exactly what the changes are going to be and just what regulations they want to do away with. :1b

Dont you just wish successive governments would leave things alone just for a while at least? :blink:

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Hmm, just read the article


Mr Gove says, 'These changes, together with the reforms we have already made to the EYFS, are the first phase of deregulation for the early years sector. Together, from September we will strike a better balance between keeping children safe and supporting their development.


I'm feeling a little uneasy, I'm under the impression even Ofsted don't know where they stand at the moment with regards to childminders.


Also please note Ofsted are closing all SEFs down from 27th August whilst they decide on a new layout so appears nothing is staying the same...


I always like to quote out of context


When we launched the revised EYFS, back in March, we made clear we would look to do more to reduce burdens.


... wonder which 'burden' I'd reduce to make my job easier :P

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