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Have mine to write too...


There used to be some pre-school ones in resources, which although not exactly the same give you an idea of the sort of things to write. They're probably still there I just haven't looked recently.


My tips are be factual, back up a statement with how you know this and don't be too negative about yourself, if you don't believe you're great neither will Ofsted :)


Good luck x


Ooh and do a section at a time - don't be scared by the size of it x


You can always save and edit later x

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That's some good advice, I must remember to follow it when I get round to doing mine


Mine is still firmly on my "to-do" list,

but accounts and profile books come first,

and seeing as I've not done it yet, reviewing my policies and procedures in line with new EYFS changes


Every weekend, my mind is taken up with this stuff, I never switch off.......



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Sorry didn't answer. Missed it. Have had great difficulty getting logged in to it. About to lose the will to live. Past inspections have taught me that Inspectors really want to see that we are Reflective Practitioners. By showing how you have changed things for the better in your practice, and being able to tell them why things changed and how it improved things, demonstrates that you are willing and able to improve. So, I've stopped sweating about it - just trying to remember what has changed and why.



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i havnt done one since mu last inspection 3 years go tut tut, but the is enough to do without it , i have been told the is a new one due out very soon and is alot shorter!!!!

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