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Planning Format...covering 3 Year Groups


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Hope someone can advise, sorry to talk shop in the holidays but I can't switch off until I sort this! Sad I know.

I am newish to EYFS and inherited a planning format which covered N/R/Y1. They worked towards only one plan to cover the whole day as one session. Before that apparently there had been one plan for N/R Lit, one for Number and a third for afternoon R/Y1. This was abandoned as they felt it should all follow a full day plan and not be separate, they said as it as a unit, all should be on one plan. What do others do? Im torn as I don't want to be seen to be belittling anyone's work.


Sorry its a long one.

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I would have thought that differentiating over such a huge age band was a nightmare! There are NC things that R and Y1 will be doing that are simply above the heads of N, surely. I am preschool, with the N age group, and I know that this September's cohort could not possibly cope with what last years were able to do, never mind anything else! Presumably you have a TA? could they perhaps take on the responsibility for N?

Sorry to not be very much help

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