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Long Term Planning - Continuous Provision


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yesterday I stumbled across what looked like a really useful document with several pages. I printed the first 2, the internet crashed and the document disappeared.


I've spent literally hours since then trying to retrace my steps but the trouble is I'm new so I've been in and out of so many discussions to get the feel of what's going on.


I'm hoping someone will recognise the document and remember where it is.

The title at the top of each page is 'Long Term Planning - Continuous Provision'. On the next line it says 'Long Term Key Learning Opportunities/ Key Early Learning Goals'.


I've scanned a page and attached it as a pdf.


PLEASE can someone help me? I'm at the hair-tearing-out stage now :-(


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It's an old EYFS - you've realised that presumably?


Well spotted! That shows how much of the document I read. I saw the comment 'Updated in line with the new EYFS' and assumed it was the revised 2012 EYFS, but looking back I see that the document hasn't been updated since August 2008! Sorry for sending you on the wrong track Lois.

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