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Planning Format For Reformed Eyfs


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Hello everyone


I would really appreciate comments re: attached planning format! I have been really struggling to come up with a new planning format to cover the Reformed EYFS.


Each week I put up a blank planning sheet on the noticeboard. Staff add their observations in the appropriate area, e.g.



1. Child X running her fingers over the wet messy mat, says "My fingers are ice skating".

Buy shaving foam for tactile play on messy mats - later, add paint and take prints.


Of course, we may already have shaving foam in the cupboard, so the child's interests would be followed up immediately - but the activity/obs would still be written on the planning sheet and marked as actioned, with further observation taking place and subsequently recorded in the learning journey.


This is just an example.


Please help, I'm getting in such a muddle with this and want to get it right for September - all comments appreciated!



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just a thought ................ does each child's name go on this sheet? If not how do you know every child is catered for


we have a similar sheet but my staff have one each and all their key childrens names are on their and what is planned individually for every child

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We split our focus chidlren into weeks so cover approx 6 children. Each of these children has a plan of next steps under each area of learning (called an IDP). We will plan some activities and add some enhancements to the workshop areas to support their learning/interests. We may also include them in a focus activity and in mini group times, ie at singing time we might encourage x to join in simple songs.

The childs keyperson will carry out 1 long onservation during this week and will identify next steps, interests and this will feed into the planning again and will be written on their IDP for next time they are the focus .

Its difficult to explain the planning isnt it!


We also have a daily response sheet where we write on what happened columns are

name What we noticed links to EYFS Possible next steps/further opportunities Date fed into planning

X making marks with little wheels in the paint PD CD Large scale using tyres in paint outside 19/7

x pretending to make cakes in home corner PSED,PD Make real caskes w/c 23/7



We like this sheet as it shows what the children have enjoyed and how we have responded and helps us with future planning but we do get in a mess with it as find we have so many sheets to go through each day- maybe on reflection we should just do this for the focus children instead of all the children - any comments and suggestions anyone?

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This sheet looks very impressive. Do the children have a sheet each? Sorry my brain is not working again. If the children go on the sheet where is their name recorded. ?

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I love the look of the proforma :) not sure how it works though think i've got off for the summer holidays syndrome :(


-Is it for a particular activity or for the whole provision?

-I can see the recording of a key group on it for a focus or whole provision....but whole group for either seems to much?!


Its a great looking proforma and will be a good tool if its used to its best ability what that is i'm not sure though sorry :(

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