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Hi everyone,


We are lucky enough to have quite a large outdoor space at our Nursery. We have a surfaced area which includes a road for bikes and a large climbing apparatus. We are going to develop the Nursery garden however, which consists of a huge lawn on a slope. We have a giant tree in the corner which the children love and one tractor tyre that is sunk in the ground.


I was wondering if anyone knows of where to start looking for ideas?


Thanks! x

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Guest sn0wdr0p

A mud kitchen-look at images on google for loads of ideas.


We are just ready to start a fairy garden with a large tractor tyre which I am going to spray paint silver. Solar powered fairy lights, fences made from lolly sticks, a large beautiful shell for their bath, a letter box for the children to post letters to them, a swing - oh I could go on forever.


A digging pit.


The cosy catalogue is great for ideas using natural resources as well. Luckily my Dad has just cut a tree down in his garden and I was able to copy many of the ideas for a lot less money.

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