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25 of our Nursery children are moving up to Reception class in September, and we are meeting next week to chat about transition activities. We have one autisitc child, and some with emotional needs. We are just along the corridor from the Reception class. Last year at the same meeting I suggested several ideas, and almost all were rejected. We were only allowed to visit the empty classroom and not play, just look, the Teacher popped in for 5 minutes one morning, and we opened up the gate between us another morning for an hour and children were able to move freely between areas. That was it! I am wondering what other settings do, so that I can go in saying that other settings do more. Last year's children did settle well despite this, so I can't say they didn't due to lack of transition!!!!!

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We are invited to and made very welcome to visit our Village Primary at any time throughout the year.....

Reception teacher and her TA visit pre-school to see the children in their own familiar environment.......and at the same time they look through the children's Learning Journey folders and we have a 'chat'.......

Children have four 'taster afternoons' at school

We complete transition records and for any children with additional needs there would be a transition meeting

HTH :1b

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we also have very good links with our school -we are on the same site, although not connected.

we are welcome to visit anytime we wish (with a little prior notice if we want to stay)

we pop over quite a bit with any baking we have done or things we have made (the children really love showing their work to the staff)

we have regular sessions when we stay and play for an hour or so (this is throught the year will all our children)

we have rising 5's sessions in the reception class -2 sessions a week for the last half term (this is for the children starting school in Sept)

we sometimes join the younger children at playtimes

we can attend the school assemblys in the hall if we wish (they even let us nip out early if our children are getting restless)

we have chats to the reception teacher during the last half term re children

we have formal transtion meetings with the reception teacher -we go through each childs transition record and LJ


i think the transition into school from our setting is pretty seamless - as they are already used to the staff, the routines, the layout, even the little things -like where the toilets are, and the fact that they know where to get a drink from -it all helps.

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Hi I teach in reception and we have 2 feeder play groups. My TA and I take it in turns to visit the 2 play groups every other week from Xmas onwards for about an hour so that we become familiar faces. Both playgroups use our school hall For PE and then have snack with my reception children afterwards each week on different days. Twice a week from now until the end of the term we have story time sessions (1/2 hr) and each child will come to 3 sessions of half the class. We also have all 30 in for a whole morning in a couple of weeks time. We do home visits as well in September, by the time they start they breeze in as if they've known us for years!



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I'm a Reception teacher in a school for Deaf children and I love visiting nurseries to see the children in their setting. I try to do this before the transition reviews to get to know the 'real' child and not just the 'paper' version! I then chat to the key workers who really know the child and look at the Learning Journeys. I attend transition reviews with parents and professionals and invite families (and Nursery staff) to come for up to 3 transition visits to my setting. We also hold a fun event such as a Teddy Bear's Picnic and invite all new children and families ( and Nursery staff if they can come). What a shame you're having no luck as its an ideal setting to be so close!

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