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For some reason I'm still awake and I've found myself trying to complete this A-Z of learning for my nursery classes graduation in July. I'm planning on going through the alphabet and sharing things the children have learnt, memories or key points of the year etc. I'm now stuck though and need any help I can get and also just opinions on what I have so far. Some are specific points to my class so they do make sense, lol. Letters with stars next to them are the points the children will sing or share things with their parents.


A is for our Ascension assembly

B is for Bear Hunt (Acting out the Bear Hunt story) **

C is for counting

D is for the Dinner ladies who look after us at lunch time

E is for our Easter Egg Hunt

F is for friends

G is for Growing

H is for helping each other**

I is for the igloos we made out of sugar cubes

J is for who Jesus who loves us all

K is for the King of the Jungle**

L is for the letters that we know

M is for the memories we have made

N is for our names that we can write

O is for our next steps in life**

P is for Painting

Q is for the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations

R is for

S is for sharing

T is for teamwork

U is for Unique

V is for

W is for the words that we can write

X is for X factor, and we’ve got the X Factor**

Y is

Z is for the Zoo we visited


The bold statements are the ones I need help with, or aren't too sure about.


What do you think of the rest? Too general? I'm trying to keep them as simple as possible with the children all only 4 years and some still 3 years old.

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Y - Is for the children's enquiring minds (think Why) Perhaps


V - Is for visitors to our setting


R - Is for raring to go - ready to take their next big steps on to school


What a fabulous idea - may have to try this exercise myself with staff team xD

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U - is for how unique we all are


V - is for valued, how each of us feels


R - is the rain water which helps everything grow (could put in a joke about quantity of rain this year ?) or R - for the rest we sometimes need


O - (I know O is already decided - but couldn't help suggesting): O - for outdoor play, so important in our lives


Y - is for yellow, the sunflowers we grew (if you grew sunflowers that is).

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I got obsessed with Y....


Y - 'you' (parents) - for supporting

Y - 'Yes!' - for having a go or achievement, completion ?

Y - 'Yahoo!' as in - excitement, pride, achievement, completion?

Y - Yawn....time for a rest after being so busy ?

Y - year - link to seasons?

Y - Yule - christmas

Y - young - how young and now how 'grown up' weve become...?


oh and

V - variety - so many things to look back on

V - voices - singing

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