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Possible Interview Questions For An Eyfs Ta


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Hi, i think i have sorted my 30 minute activity for the TA job i am applying for. Can anyone tell me what sort of questions to expect if you've had a job interview recently. I have a lot written down already but the more i see the better i can prepare

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  • why do you want to work with young children?
  • how do young children learn?
  • how will your experience help you/make you the person for this school?
  • why do you want to work at this school?
  • what would you do with a child who has behaviour problems?
  • why do we observe children?
  • what area(s) of learning are best for outside - ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! (I had that one!!)
  • how do children learn to read/write?

look online - loads of ideas there


good luck!! you have obviously prepared well

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Hello and Good Luck! You will probable be asked about the new EYFS, what is an effective learning environment, how you feel you can support children with SEN? x

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