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Pre-School And Extended School - How Do You Make Them Co-Exist Happily


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Sorry about that guys...

OK what do you do about sharing resources? Currently ASC stuff is in locked cupboards whilst our stuff is accessible meaning that it can (and is) accessed by the ASC children. Now to be fair, I wasn't too bothered as long as it was tidied away properly. But when their stuff started to be locked away I did get a bit peeved but bit my tongue. I can see the point of having separate food and separate art supplies in that we have different budgets and need to keep an eye on what is being used/spent. However, again we can't use any ASC resources yet they have free access to our mark making trolley with glue, pens, tape, paper etc.

Gosh I just wrote loads and deleted. I guess I'm just a little worried that it might get seen by the person concerned :(

If anyone is able to offer an ear/advie and would be happy to do so privately I would really appreciate it please.

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we are in the same situation as you - we own our own building, but allow a seperate commitee to use it for the after school club.

they have thier own large cupboards which they either lock or turn around (they are on castors)

after each session we (the staff) have to move all our open storage cupboards (again on castors) and try and 'shove' them all into a corner, our craft resource cupboards are covered with fabric covers which i made out of my childrens old bedroom curtains !! -they just slip over the top of each cupboard.

we still have the problem of our things being used tho -which i wouldnt mind, but things are getting lost or broken -and no one takes responsibility for it, also things get put back in the wrong places (despite having labelled and pictured boxes - if a 3yr can manage to do it, why cant a 6 yr old !!) -this in turn makes it frustrating for both staff and children.

have you spoken to a memebr of the ASC ? - as it could be seen that you are subsidising them -and the grant money your recieve is partially benefitting them !

are you able to move your craft trolley after each session -or cover it up in some way ?

we have had endless problems with the ASC - out of date food, mouldy fruit, gone off milk, dirty toilets greeting us in the morning, ASC children jumping and climbing on our cupboards,standing on tables, tiny game pieces, marbles, magnets left on the floor, unlit matches (yes, unlit matches...and we have a wooden building !!)....i could go on, and on, and on !!! :blink:

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we have been there and done that and found it just doesnt work.the asc were taking the mickey - using and breaking our toys (saying they were already like that when they came in) - some of which werent appropriate for the age of their children - they would use small lego,marbles etc and never checked to see if everything was put away - also like everyone else they could use our toys but theirs were always locked away, the list could go on forever - the plus point now is that they have moved to another room and it is bliss - the negative was that they took alot of our resources with them - farm and wild animals, trains etc - but they said they never had them and we couldnt prove otherwise so left it and it was worth it to know we werent sharing anymore and must admit the five years we did was an absolute nightmare so feel sorry for everyone in that situation

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So it's pretty universal then :(

I really want to lay it all down here as it is complicated, frustrating and quite frankly wrong. My fear is that it will be seen as I always say how great this site is and after I was 'caught' yesterday, someone may look to see what I wrote as I'm sure she saw the first post. On the other hand she may have seen it and wonder what's wrong and ask me... LOL

We too have the older children trashing stuff - the role play area mostly. I flipped a couple of weeks ago and said that was it they weren't to use it and the manager made an effort to ensure it was left as we had left it. This week we've had a castle made of cardboard and thrones that were made of small deck chairs. We talked about it and agreed only R and Y1 children could use it but the other staff don't supervise them and as I was working late I was there and ended up turfing older children out myself which of course put the staff's backs up but then they didn't spend their weekend shopping for and making the resources did they?

Another real bugbear of mine, like Fimbo said, is how come our 3 year olds can put things away at pre-school yet at ASC they suddenly lose the ability??

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